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Local Village and Insect Tour

Our Original Thailand Tour

A Unique Journey into the Unseen Thailand
   Would you like to experience something truly different? Try our combination of insect and village tour, as you do not have to be an insect expert to enjoy it. Come and see the Unseen Thailand, the unnoticed part of the forest.   Our guides will show you the creatures that you would normally overlook. Wang Chin has been famous for many years as one of the best places in Thailand for catching butterflies and insects. Most people coming on a forest tour ask, "What animals will we see?" Unfortunately, there are not many big animals left in the forest, but our forest is alive with spectacular smaller ones that most people never notice.
   Spotlights will be put out at night to attract both insects and moths.  Before you go to bed in the evening and in the morning when you get up, you will be amazed by the variety of moths and insects that the forest has to offer. Normally you would never have a chance to observe this great variety of small jungle life. What you see will depend on the season, as everything varies from month to month.
   You will also visit the The Siam Butterfly Farm, which was started in June 2010 as a breeding center for butterflies and insects, and to help protect them in the wild. The local villagers are encouraged to grow certain plants that the larvae feed on. Then, when the larvae become pupae or cocoons, they are sold to the farm. This provides additional income for the villagers and also protects the local fauna.
   Since this is rural Thailand, the scheduled times and activities may vary.slightly, as a result of unforeseen circumstances but with our small groups (max. 12) , we can easily adapt our tour to your particular interests. Just contact us beforehand.
   All the activities require a moderate fitness level only.  The excursion to the waterfall involves some easy climbing to the pool at the 7th level, but guests who find that too difficult can easily swim in the pools lower down or wait next to the river on a shady bench. Extremely fit guests may enjoy an early morning climb up the mountain on their own, on our well marked trail.
  There are no hidden charges. All transportation, guides, food and non-alcoholic beverages are included in the price.  We suggest a $20 USD min. tip to be deposited in the staff tip box in the bar if you have enjoyed our service..
   Below are a few pictures of the unseen Thailand we discovered this month.   The butterfly, moth and insect season are just beginning, so hopefully we will be able to show many new unusual insects in our side show.


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